Effective Meetings with Active Participants

Fredrik Bauer was fed up! When seated in yet another boring meeting with just monologue and no new information he quit his employment and started the company. 

At the same time Fredrik got overwhelving and positive feedback for his way to conduct creative meeting, workshops and conferences. He knew that there was a better way to do it!

We are presenting facts, not guesses

On the quest for the truth about what really makes a meeting efficient, no matter if it is a physical meeting, digital meeting or a hybrid meeting he initiated a survey

Since then another large scale survey is made and Fredrik Bauer is the author of two books.

Saving the world from boring meetings

The vision to save the world from boring and ineffecient meetings is our leading star. Today the we offer lectures, training and coaching to individuals, companies and organizations. The objective is always to challenge and support in order for you to master the art of having efficient meetings with active participants. 

Digital first

We offer training and coaching on how to make physical meeting, digital meetings and hybrid meetings good and efficient.

Our services is mainly offered online but we can also arrange on site training. 

The main market is Scandinavia but all services can be provided in English for clients anywhere on the globe.

Fredrik did not only give us new insights, recognition and laughter during the lecture, but also the opportunity for direct practice.

In the coming days I saw several small ideas that people tested directly. This fact stands out among the speakers we have invited in recent years.

Bernhard Zacco, Influence